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Our policies

Caring Fairly has invested in leading edge research and produced evidence based policies in eight key domains. We believe that these policies can sustainably advance the economic, social and cultural rights of unpaid carers in Australia, and should be implemented by the Commonwealth Government. 

Caring Fairly believes that the Government has primary responsibility for bringing fairness to care, and for advancing the long-term economic, social and cultural rights of unpaid carers across Australia. 

To do so, it must look beyond short term policies, and invest in long term solutions. It must drive a cultural change in how we as Australians, value the unpaid carers in all our communities.

You can download our long-form policy agenda here

Caring Fairly recently made a submission to the Productivity Commissions Inquiry into Mental Health. You can read our submission here


Caring Fairly's policy agenda: a summary


Government should prioritise improving carers’ participation in the workforce
Business and employers need to enhance and ensure carer inclusion in Australian workplaces
Government needs to invest in the long-term economic security of unpaid carers
Government to ensure that all young carers can be identified and assisted

Government needs to recognise, mitigate, and take proactive steps to overcome gender inequality among carers

Government should remove existing policies that restrict opportunities for unpaid carers to work

Government to organise policy response to the distinct features of mental health and episodic caring, and invest in tailored support
Develop and implement a whole of government response to address growing support service gaps for mental health carers